Tamil Eelam

Advancing the independence of Tamil Eelam

"Our organisation, as well as our people do not want war. We want peace and we want to resolve our problems through peaceful means. We are deeply committed to the peace process. It is because of our sincere commitment to peace that we are firmly and rigidly observing ceasefire. It is our organisation that took the initiative of declaring the cessation of hostilities unilaterally and observing peace for the last two years tolerating the provocative actions of the state's armed forces. . "

- Hon. Velupillai Pirapaharan, the national leader of Tamil Eelam, in his Heroes' Day Message, 2003.

History of Tamil Eelam

Pre history

Tamils have been living in the island from pre­historic times before the arrival of the Sinhalese from north­ern India in the 6th century B.C. The Sinhalese people who constitute the majority nation of ten million have a distinct language, culture and history of their own. Historical chroni­cles document that the island was ruled by both Tamil and Sinhalese Kings. more...

Colonial Rule

British colonial rule imposed a unified administration with centralised institutions, establishing a singular state structure. This forceful annexation and amalgamation of two separate kingdoms, of two nations of people, disregarding their past historical existence, their socio-cultural distinctions and their ethnic differences are the root causes of the Tamil-Sinhala racial antagonism. more...

State Oppression

Peaceful Campaign

One million workers disenfranchised

Planned annexation of Tamil lands

Repression on language, employment and education

Economic Deprivation

Racial riots and massacare of Tamils


The satyagraha (peaceful picketing) cam­paigns of 1961 was a great event in the history of the Tamil freedom struggle. This civil disobedience campaign unfolded into a massive national uprising, participated by hundreds of thousands of Tamil people, symbolising the collective resent­ment of the whole nation against the oppressive policies of the Sinhala rulers. more..

The Birth of the Tiger Movement

The Birth of the Tiger Movement, 1983
A Mandate for Secession
The Repression and Resistance
Tiger Movement comes to limelight
Tigers step up guerrilla campaign
Tiger's Political Campaign Succeeds
Reasons for the Recent Holocaust

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